Rose Quartz Harmony Pipes

Rose Quartz Harmony Pipes

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Spark Up Your Serenity with the Rose Quartz Harmony Pipe: ✨

Calling all flower-loving souls and seekers of good vibes! Ditch the burnt-out bongs and elevate your🍃 herbal 🍃 journeys. This ethically sourced beauty isn't just a pipe, it's a portal to peace and mindful puffs. ‍

Crafted from soothing rose quartz, known for its loving energy and emotional healing, this oval-shaped masterpiece fits perfectly in your hand. Each inhale feels like a hug, releasing stress and bringing serenity to your smoke sessions. Whether you're solo chilling or sharing the energy with friends, this pipe adds a touch of magic to every puff. 💨

Puff, puff, pass...! This isn't just smoking, it's a ritual. So elevate your game, connect with your inner calm, and spark up your serenity 💗



  • Rose quartz
  • Removable screen
  • Includes dust bag
  • Brazil
  • Chosen at random. Each piece is unique in color, shape and size. 


Remember: While crystals have been used for centuries in various cultures for their purported benefits, their effectiveness is not scientifically proven. This information is intended for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as medical advice.